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Why you have to Read HCG Diet Reviews

The HCG diet program is a short-term weight loss program that helps people lose large amounts of weight very quickly. One of the main arguments against the program is that it doesn’t actually teach people how to keep the weight off.

This is true, but it does give you some idea of which types of foods are causing you to gain weight. It’s all the ones you have to give up during the diet and maintenance phases of the program.

So, if you only consume those foods (starches, refined sugars, high-fat foods, etc.) every once in a while instead of at every meal, really listen to your body, and eat only when you’re hungry–you should be able to maintain the weight loss.

During the diet phase, you also eat small, simple meals. Eating five to six small meals a day has been shown to help people keep their metabolism working and usually results in them eating fewer calories than if they had had three large meals a day. If five meals sound like a whole lot, think of it more as three main meals with a light snack in between each of them.

Just to be clear, when you’re doing the diet itself, you are purposefully eating a very low amount of calories to cause your body to lose weight so you only eat three small meals a day. I’m referring to when you’re completely done with the diet (low-calorie diet phase, maintenance phase, and all).

This diet helps to get your body used to eating small meals. If you keep up the small-meal mentality after you’re done dieting, you shouldn’t have much of a problem keeping the weight off and keeping yourself healthy.

Once the diet is complete, you can also start exercising. Pretty much any movement you do with your body will burn calories. Many people choose the HCG diet because they hate the thought of going to the gym and exercising. This is fine.

All you need to do to keep the weight off is make sure that the amount of calories you eat matches the amount of calories that your body burns to function each day. If you start to gain weight again, you are eating too many calories. If you’re losing weight, you’re eating too little—unless you want to lose the weight.

Exercise—even a leisurely stroll to smell the flowers—will help you to keep that balance between the amount of calories you eat and the amount of calories you burn. The trick is to find the type of exercise that works for you.

Keep in mind that exercise doesn’t necessarily have to involve fancy gym clothes, exercise equipment, or even a gym. It can happen in your own backyard while you’re gardening, playing with your kids, or mowing the lawn.

Some HCG diet reviews have also criticized the diet because technically HCG does not actually cause you to lose weight. This is true as well, but that does not mean that the HCG diet doesn’t work.

HCG is a hormone produced in women during pregnancy. It helps her body to utilize the extra energy it’s carrying around in her fat rather than her muscles (for some reason our bodies usually want to go for the protein first) when she doesn’t consume enough calories.

Dr. Albert Simeons, the endocrinologist who discovered this function of HCG, found that when he gave low doses HCG to people on a low-calorie diet it helped them lose fat rather than muscle. So, it is the diet that causes the weight loss—not the HCG. The HCG simply helps to curb hunger and to program your body to go to your fat for extra energy rather than your muscles.

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