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The Weight Loss Benefits of the HCG Drop Diet

The HCG drop diet is an easier (and often cheaper) alternative to the HCG injections diet. With the injections you have to get your daily dose of HCG through a shot. Understandably, this is a big turn off to most people. You take the drops orally three times a day. You don’t need to go [...]

What’s the HCG Diet Program?

The HCG Diet Program is a fast-acting weight loss program that combines the use of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone and a low-calorie diet. The diet portion of the plan causes weight loss and the hormone helps your body utilize your fat stores instead of your lean tissue for extra nutrition. When calories are scarce, [...]

The HCG Hormone Diet, How It Aids Weight Loss

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin and as you can surmise from the name, it is produced by humans, pregnant humans, to be exact. A woman’s body produces this hormone during pregnancy to tell her brain (the hypothalamus if you must know) to use fat stores for any extra nutrition rather than going for her [...]

Why you have to Read HCG Diet Reviews

The HCG diet program is a short-term weight loss program that helps people lose large amounts of weight very quickly. One of the main arguments against the program is that it doesn’t actually teach people how to keep the weight off. This is true, but it does give you some idea of which types of [...]

The Different Kinds of HCG Diet Plans

There are many different producers of HCG diet plans out there and many of them are wonderful and legitimate. Some of them may not be however, so proceed with caution when you are in the market for HCG. HCG is expensive to produce (and therefore expensive to buy), so stay away from cheap products. If [...]